Kingsview Financial is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year! It has been our great privilege and blessing to have served so many individuals and families for more than a quarter century. The Kingsview Financial team of professionals are truly grateful and look forward to the opportunity of continuing to serve families all across the Golden Horseshoe, including Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Dundas, Ancaster, Brantford, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Grimsby, St.Catharines, the Niagara region, Toronto and the GTA. We’re thankful to God and to our existing family of clients and also for the steady stream of new families making their way to Kingsview Financial. We’re so looking forward to serving you for the next quarter century to come! Come visit us in our new and expanded location on Stoney Creek Mountain!

We’re so thankful for our existing family of clients and to those families who are steadily making their way to Kingsview Financial, it’s truly a great honour and privilege to serve them.ARMANDO DAVID VACCA, FOUNDER



Kingsview Financial welcomes you to meet for a free consultation at our office. Our clients will tell you that they experience the comfort of home in this focused yet relaxed look at your financial challenges.

The meeting is a place where the focus is on you and your concerns.

We, on our part, will review how we work, how we get paid for what we do and how you’ll benefit from the service we provide. As the adage goes “ it’s time well spent” and the time invested by you in this meeting will lead to great peace of mind. We’re confident you’ll be echoing the sentiments of all of our clients who’ve said, “why didn’t we come sooner?” That’s our promise to you!

Typically, once you’ve agreed to engage the planning process, we’ll probably need 2 or 3 additional meetings, this allows for a relaxed pace, privacy and ample time to address any needs or concerns you might have.


Our dedicated staff here at Kingsview Financial have had the privilege of serving families from all across the Golden Horseshoe over the past 35 years. 

It’s wonderful to see how many have been blessed, as we strive to demonstrate the love and compassion of God through our sensitivity to your needs, and through honesty, competency, creativity and commitment to excellence.

It’s such a privilege to see how many individuals have gone from being clients to becoming friends, and witnessing our friends attain financial peace and freedom by applying Financial principles from the Kings view.

    • Dear A.D. Vacca, I wanted to thank you and your team for all the sound financial support over the years. I have been investing with your team for over 20 years. That feeling of security also lead my parents to enlisting your teams assistance to well position them for the retirement they are now enjoying.

      M.W. Hamilton

    • Armando: Like the ship’s captain, you have navigated us through difficult economic times as well as the post 9/11 years. Your efforts along with Kingsview Financial staff have been Herculean to predict a path through the financial instabilities we now find many countries experiencing. Thank you!

      J&J F. Stoney Creek

    • Armando, you’ve been more than a financial planner. You are a truly caring and compassionate person. We know we are in good hands with you. We appreciate, your advice, and we trust and know you always have our best interest at heart. We feel privileged and secure to have you in our court. We appreciate how hard you work every day. Thank you and your staff for many years of loyal service!

      P&J G. Hamilton

    • Hey Armando, words cannot express how much you mean to us. Over the past years you have not only helped us through our finances but also getting to know God a lot better and helping us grow close to Him every day of our lives. You’ve taught us to laugh and love thru think and thin.

      P&R C. Hamilton

    • Armando, we are so thankful for your service. We have been greatly enriched financially through the expertise of you and your fabulous staff. Your support is very friendly, supportive and helpful. You have hired very special people who have been a blessing to us over the years. We pray that God will continue to bless you with good health, success and much fulfillment in the years to come.

      M&R P. Oakville

    • Dear Armando, you are an inspiration to us both. Your love for people, care of your staff, and loyal service to your clients radiantly reflect your love for the Lord. You’re also a great Financial Advisor.

      J&G N. Barrie

    • Armando, we’re so thankful for the over 20 years of your service. We would have to say our retirement (over 11 years now) has been very successful, mostly because we listened to your advice and suggestions about how to approach our financial plans. Thank you and thanks to your wonderful team.

      J & M M. Hamilton

    • Dear Armando, years ago when we started to plan for our later years, were were fortunate to find you and for those years you have never failed to clearly and concisely ascertain our needs and provide us with the best advice. It is not often that one meets another (especially in a business scenario) in who one can place complete trust, but your honesty, integrity and commitment to those you serve is nothing less than inspiring. Thank you and your team for for everything you have done for us these past years.

      S.&S. Burlington

    • Armando: We’d like you to know how much we appreciate the guidance and support you have provided to us over the years, (which is a given in the work that you do). But there is more than that, we have always felt that the best interests of us as a family and our family’s happiness have been foremost in your mind when you meet with us and provide us with direction. Thank you (and your team) for that.

      A&K H. Smithville