This is an issue that’s near and dear to Kingsview Financial. It’s founder lost his father at age 19 and this event formed the genesis, the beginnings, of making sure that other families wouldn’t have to endure the financial heartache of losing a primary income earner to the family. The capital needs segment of our comprehensive financial planning services are never overlooked. Once we determine how much cover you’ll need, we will be able to shop to find the most cost effective type and form of insurance coverage for your family. We specialize in explaining these principles in simple terms.

From the heart, we can’t urge you enough to create a comprehensive financial plan for you and your family. One of our primary purposes to help you build your finances, to ensure that you are protected and your loved ones will be cared for. Contact us to arrange a time to meet for a free consultation, and take that active step towards protecting your family in case of tragedy.


Kingsview Financial spends much of their time helping individuals and families identify just where their money is going. What’s your money personality? You should fall into one of these 3 categories:

  • About 70% of Canadians operate on a break-even basis, i.e. whatever comes in on a monthly basis is promptly spent, no deficit, no surplus.
  • About 10% has a surplus mentality where they manage to save on a regular basis, no matter what.
  • The last group, or about 20% of the Canadian population has a deficit mentality, i.e. they spend more than they make. Some spend much more than they make, some spend a little more than they make but ultimately both may end up bankrupt. The outcome is inevitable; the only question is the timeline.

Kingsview Financial can help break this cycle and the shackles and bondage around the issues of spending. Many people feel like that little white mouse on the treadmill of life, endlessly running on the wheel but making no progress; not moving ahead one inch. That is frustrating, but at least by recognizing it you’ve already won half the battle.


You’re not alone. Debt is a huge problem and it leads to all kinds of challenges, putting pressure on elements in your personal life such as your marriage, relationships and even your work performance. Many people are living on borrowed money. Consumer debt, i.e. credit card debt, has doubled over the last 10 years. It should come as no surprise to any of us that credit card companies are amongst the most profitable of all industries in the economy. In a way, credit card lenders share much of the responsibility; however, in the end it will be you that helps yourself – and we can guide you along the way. We’ll need to get an accurate breakdown of the various debts and then, with that knowledge we can review a list of options for you and develop a plan. At the same time, and more importantly, we will help you look deeper, so we can discover what’s causing this overspending and get to the root cause. With us as your guide, you will establish practical, pragmatic strategies to correct the imbalance and/or make provisions for unexpected expenses. There may be a call for Credit Counseling Services and we can direct you in that area.

Managing your debt is but one piece of a successful financial puzzle. It’s importance can not be understated, however to truly find financial freedom a full, comprehensive financial plan needs to be created for you, based on your situation and your goals. If your debt has you stressed out, Contact us ; let us help you take control of your financial life, so you can enjoy each day the way it was meant to be experienced.


This is a common question people ask and a cousin to this question is “Will I outlive my money?” So to recap, the question has two parts – will you have enough on a month-to-month basis and will it last for the rest of my life? This is a legitimate concern and one that you are wise to be investigating as we can certainly help. In large part, retirement income will come from three sources: government pension schemes, an employer pension plan and your RRSP’s and investments outside of RRSP’s.

While you have limited control on the first two sources, the third is entirely of your own doing – and we can help you develop a plan that will help to make up the difference you need to retire comfortably. First, we will work with you in assessing your current needs – what you need to continue living free. From that point, we’ll help you assess your future needs, taking inflation and other considerations into account. Once we’ve helped you establish this information, then we’ll determine how your funds can be invested based on your tolerance for risk.

The idea with retirement planning is that it is one part of an overall financial plan. Too often, people will want to jump right into investing for their retirement without fully considering the here and now. As your retirement approaches, we would love to help you develop a full plan that focuses not just on what happens from your retirement onwards, but also each day between now and then. Remember, it’s never too soon to plan for your retirement, so Contact us to get the ball rolling!


Many families want to encourage a work ethic in their children and as such, are willing to plan and pay for a percentage of their children’s post secondary needs. We’ll help you determine what percentage of that need you would like to provide, whether their education will take place in town or out of town and what method of funding would best provide for this need.

We will review the options for this need and you’ll be at ease knowing that you’re saving for your children’s education or for any other purpose you wish, such as a wedding, a down payment on a home or helping them with some other major purchase at some point in the future.

Only a very small percentage of Canadians have a full financial plan. Developing a plan that assesses your current needs, your future goals for your family, and your children’s education is simply put, invaluable. It is something you should do. If you are interested, we would love to meet with you, talk about your goals for your children, your family, and yourself. Contact us to arrange a time to come down for a free consultation. No matter what your situation, you can use this service to the benefit of both you and your children.


Tax laws have changed and evolved over the past couple of years making tax-favoured giving more appealing. It’s nice to know that when you give, your charity of choice will receive more money and the tax collector, less.

To develop a full comprehensive financial plan, Contact us . We would love to sit and meet with you and simply talk about your desire to give to charity, how we can make it more appealing, and how we can integrate your desire to give, into a well thought out financial plan for the years ahead.


Over 95% of the Canadian population has never had a comprehensive financial plan. The mistake most people make is equating investing with financial planning. The truth is that investing only forms one piece of an overall financial planning pie. A proper financial plan will look into your spending patterns, i.e. cash flow, debt concerns, issues around taxation, investment, legal and insurance concerns to name a few. All aspects of a financial plan are interrelated, so if this is causing a concern, that’s understandable – we can help. Feel free to Contact us , so we can help you get your financial house in order.


If you’re like pretty much everyone else on the planet, you will one day die, and when you do, you’ll want to pass on your money to your family, and not a tax collector. Kingsview Financial will review strategies available for you to minimize the loss to the tax collector and maximize your estate to your loved ones and/or any other charities or groups to whom you would like to make a bequest.

This is just one of the many areas a full, comprehensive financial plan will cover. Ensuring you pass your estate on to loved ones at minimal cost is important, so why not Contact us and learn how you can maintain and/or increase the estate you plan to leave.